Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bayonetta Figures

Release date:08/18/2010
Manufacturer: Square-Enix (Play Arts)
Series: Bayonetta
Height: Each is 22cm (8.7 inches)
Cost: Around $40 USD

Looks like you can stop holding your breath now. They are going to be releasing a couple of figures from the Bayonetta game. Not only do you get the main character, but also one of the other female characters - Jeanne. I think the price point is also rather good for the size, details and articulation of the figures.

Here is another thing I have to add to my damn ever expanding list of figures that I want. Since I can pose them both, it would look cool to have an action scene while being displayed.


Bayonetta and Jeanne Posed

To review some other photos of the figures, check out Toyark.

Just for the drool factor - here are some Bayonetta Cosplay:


  1. These figures don't look all that great but then again, they are trading art figures so I can't expect much.

    I have my fingers cross Alter will make one for the public. :)

  2. Not too much of a fan of these myself.

  3. That does seem like a fair price for quite well detailed posables. Still, I'm not much for Bayonetta either - Let's just say the eyes (on their faces) aren't big and watery enough for my liking.

    That, and the game's commercial's theme is getting on my nerves after hearing it half a billion times >.>

  4. The Bayonetta figure is not bad. I kind of like her. She feels very different from the kind of figures I usually get though.

  5. I'm not a adept of articulated figures but i totally get hooked up by those of Bayonetta, 2 real killers! Square enix is sweet with us.

    Thanks for the banner :) I'll add yours right away.


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