Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Winter Weather and Yoko

Well we are having a crazy winter here in Western Maryland. We got more snow than anticipated on Saturday and now another storm is hitting us. They are even saying a third storm will be coming in this coming Saturday as well.

So I wanted to get out last night and found that we had at least an inch or more of wet snow. Now last Saturday it was dry snow and just blew all over the place. Wet snow on the other hand will stick to everything and is the best for Snowball fights and Snow people.

I wanted to have some fun and took Yoko out to see what she thought. I can tell you she was a little confused about the whole white stuff falling from the sky.

Any else getting all this white stuff in their neck of the woods?


  1. Yeah it's been pretty crazy. Seems like it's going to start snowing on Friday and then go all through Saturday. I'm excited!

  2. Toronto, Canada is currently snowing very half-assedly. It's not a lot of snow, but the gale force winds sure are rowdying things up out there. It's half-assed because it's wet snow, which melts the dry snow and further forces the idea that we'll never get a snow day despite the blizzard outside down our throats.
    I wanna go home.

    Anyhow, added you to my blogroll. Thanks for doing the honors :D

  3. ugu... Adorable nendo Yoko is adorable.
    And why is doing out there waist deep in snow?! O_O

    Luckily I don't experience any snow here. Either hot and sunny or wet and cold. =D

  4. This weekend I hope, I'd like to go skiing again.


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