Friday, February 26, 2010

Blog Review: The 'Otaku' Elimination Game

This weeks installment of Blog Highlight belongs to The 'Otaku' Elimination Game.

I came across this site when I finally had time to take a look at my referrals from Site Meter. They seemed to have started this on 10/30 last year by their first posting. As the name suggests, they are out to eliminate anyone who uses the "Otaku" and is not an "True Otaku" per their insights.

Before I go any further, I have to say that my site was eliminated by them in Round 6.

They can be harsh as well as kind in reviewing other sites that are "Otaku". I was amazed by the number of comments on each blog. If you want to start a heated discussion, then this was a great way to do that. I have to say that they do know how to ruffle feathers. They have a keen hatred of Danny Choo and anything that has to do with him as well. I can understand that as I have a love/hate relationship with some of his stuff as well. I have to say, I do not need to see his work desk every week - dude get over yourself.

They seem to also have a dislike for "American Otaku Culture" as it does not seem to meet their standards as well. They feel that "we" (US) took the name and "bastardized " it for our own meanings. Not sure how they decided to become the judge, jury and executioner of what is Otaku, but they do relish the hunt. Even if you are approved, they are still watching to see if you screw it up.

I read their About page, but no where is there a definition of what an Otaku is or how they are judging. If you have a game, there needs to be rules so everyone understands what is expected. As defined by, an Otaku is "an avid collector or enthusiast, esp. one who is obsessed anime, video games, or computer and rarely leaves home." Literally the work also means 'house' in Japanese.

UPDATE: OEG definition: The Word 'Otaku' ~ thanks ninjovee

Why was I eliminated?

From what I can tell - "I am boring" to them. I guess I will have to spice it up a bit O_o. They seemed to have taken the title literally and thought it was going to be primarily about Anime. I created the title as a jumping point to ask the question. After that, I went into stuff primarily about Japanese Culture, Anime. Manga, Figure or anything that peeked my (or maybe your) interest. I also seemed to have 'affiliated' myself with others they disliked, so I am assuming that was another nail in my coffin. They did offer some kind comments and I will take it under advisement.

I am not going to defend or ask for a recount as this is my personal blog about what I like (and that you may like as well). If I am a "True Otaku" or an cheap imitation, that is up to me to decide and not someone else.

UPDATE 2: Something I forgot to mention originally - I have never used the name "Otaku" in my profile nor in my recently created Who Me? page. :P ~~~~~~

Drop by and take a look to see if you were Approved or Eliminated! It does make for a good read.


  1. I actually think they do have a point although in their earlier stages, I thought they were just trolling. Their objective right now is to 'eliminate' bloggers who are 'misusing' the word otaku.

    As for their definition, you missed the huge link at the sidebar. ^^;

    The Word 'Otaku' - What it really means: Fresh from the Otaku underground

  2. @ ninjovee, thanks for the link, I was looking for it in the wrong spot >< Doh!

  3. Hmmm, interesting. This is the first I've seen of this site and their "game". I honestly don't mind some good DC bashing xD. Though I'm not exactly innocent there either (I use his RSS feed exchange).
    Looks like my small blog has stayed off their radar so far ^^;

  4. i actually enjoyed OEG and was hoping i made the list just to see what they have to say about my blog.

    They are not entirely trufax but they are still a good read.

  5. I enjoy reading them but I wouldn't take anything they write too personally or seriously. They have a point but I think they do go overboard sometimes in being kind of mean.

  6. Eh, to be honest, I've kinda lost interest in OEG. The flame wars that erupt in their wake however are still pretty fun.

  7. You know...I don't think I use the word Otaku TOO often but I think it pops out every now and then.

    I'm curious about maybe throwing my blog up there. Although at the same time I push the idea away just because I'm sure there will be a lot of harsh criticisms (most of which will probably be true). We'll see, but I am curious about this site now.

  8. Scratch that thought. I'd be absolutely demolished on my blog title alone. Although lately I've been wondering if I could name it something else...I really didn't put much thought into the title of my blog.

  9. I don't care about who's more Otaku or not! I don't use 'Otaku' on my blog which I believe I am who I am. I just doing what I'm passionate with. Collecting toys, watching anime, play games and sometimes showcasing them through blogging. It's kind of unhealthy when we gets too obsessed or started criticising.

  10. I am kinda taking it all in stride with them.

  11. That's one poll I best be avoiding...

    I'd rather be busy doing my stories than go into meaningless (to me) discussion.

  12. I like them. Whenever you passionately love your hobby, you don't like it when words are used around and people think it's some fashionable to throw around inappropriate titles. I don't think not using the word "otaku" would have kept you exempt from their judging because of who you were associated with.

    They are pretty ruthless and write a lot of things about people that I have chosen not say, haha. Just take the things they say in good stride because it's not as if you were self-prompting yourself as an otaku. Shame on them for literally taking and dissecting your actual site name as only for what it is; I thought it was appropriate considering not everyone our age and beyond would necessarily agree with our tastes.

  13. @bd77 - you better run and hide your site - ack!

    @oneandonlyjem - I can agree with what they are trying to pull together. I am not one to want someone to apply a label to themselves so as to be "in with the cool crowd".

    Now you got me curious about what you mean "not everyone our age" - LOL.


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