Monday, February 01, 2010

FML - Anime Style

I original blogged about this site in late June last year (FMylife - You thought you had it bad!). It is a site that people talked about stuff in their life that is fucked up. My wife likes to peruse it to see how bad other people have. She actually found an entry that talked about Anime. Here is the what it said:

"Today, I was rushed to the hospital because I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe. Why was I crying? My favorite anime character died. FML" [link to enty]

I did a search on "anime" and actually found 2 others listed. One was about figures and the other was in relation to cosplay.


"Today, my boyfriend and were I getting it on in his bedroom where he had all of his anime models on display. I accidentally knocked over one of his models and it fell on to the floor. He got angry and kicked me out. Apparently, making his models look good was more important than us making love. FML" [link to entry]


"Today, my boyfriend called me and I told him about the AnimeCon I'm attending, and that I wanted to go as Sailor Mars, he told me he had no idea what that was. After being mad for about ten minutes, I realized that I wanted to break up with him over not knowing what Sailor Moon was. FML" [link to entry] btw, the comments to this are just as funny.

Anyone got something that could top these entries?


  1. that was kinda funny in a sad way :P

    but people need to realize that we tard take our hobby/life SERIOUSLY.

  2. As a BF / GF, if he / she don't know how to respect their partner's hobby, might as well break up with them!

  3. I've heard of the knocking over a figure one, my friends linked that one to see my reaction :) basically to see who I sided with. I just said if it's an accident, it's an accident. And the person shouldn't be putting figures somewhere where they could get knocked over during sex.

    I don't need the people around me to understand my hobby. I rarely talk about it in their presence just because I know it's something they're not interested in.

  4. my goodness talk about going overboard XD very interesting site.

  5. The best part for me on some of these were the comments. Really - is your life really that messed up?

  6. Like seriously...the stupid abbreviation dubbed, "fml," is the most dumbest thing I've EVER hear of. Like cliche..yuck...


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