Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twitter - but why?

I am now on Twitter (thx to Shadowsofsilver). Felt bad when she asked me if I had one and I didn't. Kind of like when you are out and you don't have a business card to exchange with someone.

The reason why I did not have one until now was because I do not have a cool phone to tweet on. I have a Sony Ericsson W350 which is pretty much an mp3 player that is a phone included. My wife has an iPhone and is able to tweet on the run (Envy *-*). I can only tweet when on the computer which isn't that bad, but limited to time I am online.

If you want to follow my baka tweets, check me out here > Twitter. Shoot me a line if you tweet as well so I can follow you like a demented old guy that smells and is asking for handouts at the bus station.

What do you tweet about?

I am planning on tweeting about my blog and websites as things happen. I will also tweet about stupid shit as well - just because I can!


  1. Already following ya.
    Saw tweets on ur sidebar and I was like "welcome to the club" *click* "follow you" LOL xD

  2. I don't really do Twitter, been wondering if I should bother. But I also have a cell phone that's as basic as they get (these days).

  3. Twitter and facebook..... 2 things so common nobody can't do without .... except me.:P loool
    I clearly know that if i open an account of twitter i won't update it after a week. Not by laziness but only because i couldn't find the time to do it.
    Emails are totally enough to communicate for me.

  4. @Optic - thanks !

    @lovelyduckie - It is an experiment for me right now.

    @Lylibellule - killed my Facebook for now as I am job hunting. I agree with emails and have too my "subscriptions" to keep up with at times.

  5. I just started using twitter last week. Even though I set up my account about over a year ago LOL!!!!!!! But I do tweet about my site and other crazy things.

  6. Shall follow.
    Don't worry, my phone is just as bad ^^; And I've never found the need to twitter on the go... Might be fun once in a while at school. It really is pretty pointless sometimes, so don't get too drawn into it like I did >.<

  7. I am an avid Twitter-er and I only do it from my computer. I don't have it on my phone, so it is possible to do.

  8. I don't really ever tweet anything interesting, but I am pretty active on Twitter.
    Honestly, I'm not sure what I do with it either, but I have it just because a lot of others do too.


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