Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wacky Japanese - 450 Pairs of Stolen Pantsu

I can't grasp the need to do this, but I guess it is the excitement of it. A guy got caught in Fukuoka prefecture taking women's pantsu out of the dryer (or washer, but pretty sure it was a dryer). They were they able to get him thanks to a surveillance camera at the laundromat. I guess it is also standard practice (I think) that they showcased all 450 pairs to the media.

Honestly Dude, you need a girlfriend.

To see a video of the actual act that was showcased by a local news station, check out Japan Probe (source).


  1. Hahahahahahaha oh wow! That is so funny and so disturbing at the same time...

  2. If I were one of the women who had one of those panties taken, I'd be so pissed; he probably would have taken my favorite pair =_=

  3. This was hillarious. What was going thru his mind when he decided to do this.

  4. Man, the unique individuals in Japan never cease to amuse and surprise me. I can't wwait to visit!

  5. Heh... Some people are just interesting.


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