Saturday, July 31, 2010

Work just got a bit cooler because of Anime

I actually have a printout at work hanging of the Gurren Lagan Logo. I also placed a quote from the show on it as an inspirational thing for me. I mean my job is really tedious while demanding at the same time and seriously suxz.

"Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's the Gurren way!"

One of the supervisors saw this and we got to talking. We talked about Gurren Lagann, Vanguard, Akira, Ghost in the Shell ...  He also talked about Yuri and Yaoi and knew the difference which was so damn cool.

I am sorry to note that I could not go to Otakon 2010 in Baltimore this year due to limits in funds. btw: can you make some updated banners as you still have 2008. I was invited to go to with a group from work to Anime USA in November. It is in Virginia and I may actually have some cash then. I will have to see how things are in the coming months.


  1. Do your best and god will do the rest bro and have resilience. Hanging in there. I assumed your job is some how related to anime and it seems like a very cool job.

  2. @Dennis ~ actually my job is customer service for a call center. Not my cup of tea or any beverage for that matter :P

  3. Work at call centers can be very stressful! I have a friend who works in one and dealing with both the front end and back end complaints is very trying!

    Nothing like a good gurren laggan quote to get through tough times!

  4. That's nice. It's always good to meet like-minded people, especially in such a place. I kind of envy that. ^ ^

  5. It's cool that you have coworkers interested in anime. I don't think any of mine share my interest ^^; I also didn't go to Otakon this year. Decided to go Acen earlier and couldn't justify the costs for Otakon. Maybe next year!

  6. @Fabrice ~ got to keep it in perspective

    @chubbybots ~ it is a job that I can say "never again" to

    @Yi ~ only thing that keeps me sane at work

    @anonymous_object ~ maybe we can meet up next year at Otakon. There hopefully will be a bunch of us then

  7. I have a Konata Figma at my work. I have her posed like she is explaining something.

  8. @lovelyduckie ~ not sure I have the nerve to take one of my figures to work.

    I do have a baby dragon from Dragon Quest on my computer though!

  9. That is one awesome boss you got there!


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