Monday, August 02, 2010

Don't Get Mad - Order New Figures

I really am not a normal person by any stretch of the imagination. Normally if a guy gets mad, he just finds something to punch and usually breaks his hand on the wall (been there and done that)  But now that I am older, when I get mad, I go Shopping!

I was on eBay and saw that the R-Style figures have been out for Yoko (Reg and Space version) and Nia. Now I was not going to pay crazy prices as I have a budget. I did some shopping around and found them at a fair price at ABCTOY4ME.You should check out the stuff they have on Sale as they do have some other great items. I would of loved to have gotten Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny - Chou'un Shiryuu SMC 1/8 Scale Figure or Oneechan Bara Aya 1/8 Scale PVC Figure as well.

I have also been wanting the Dark Brigade versions of Rei and Asuka. They were only $9.95 each and finally added them to my order. I think they make a great pair and totally different from anything else you see them paired as.

UPDATE: Out of Rei so only getting Asuka @#$%^*&, now I have to find Rei!

To finish up my purchasing, I decided to get something on sale as well for my wife. Since she loves Fruits Basket, I grabbed her a stuffed Yoki in Mouse form.

Not sure why is she was the reason I was mad - but I still love her (aw factor on that one guys and gals). I have not told her I got it, but if she reads my blog, she will get a heads up.

Hope to have these in hand next week, but not sure.


  1. Normally thats a girl thing to go shopping XD

  2. I do the same thing. Whenever I get stressed or mad, I smoke a cig, and hit up my local anime shop! haha

  3. I've been wanting that same Asuka from ABCTOY. It almost seems like its a completely different character.The R-Style Nia is really cute. You wont regret her.

  4. @kluxorious ~ I know what she likes and I try to get it when I can

    @Fabrice ~ I know, I know, but what can I do

    @Metal Head Bard ~ great minds think alike (except the cig part)

    @PVCetera ~ I am looking forward to all of them and I wish I would of gotten them sooner :(

  5. I pre-ordered those TTGL figures too, they're coming in my next shipment!

  6. @lovelyduckie ~ I can't wait to get mine either!


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