Saturday, August 07, 2010

WTF was Revoltech Thinking?

This may be NSFW < nuff said!

I ran across this while browsing over the latest postings on Sankaku Complex. I really love how Revoltech makes there figures fully pose-able. This is especially true for their Queen's Blade series which is over the top any way. They are releasing a Queen's Gate figure of Alice (QB spinoff).  She even comes with parts so she can be in 2 different Modes.

I do have a thing for Goth Lolita's and Alice sure fits the bill in all ways. But at my age, I will have to take her after she transforms into her more adult form.Reminds me of Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire.

 With that said, they really threw caution to the wind and went to what I consider a bit on the fetish side of figures. I did find this a bit disturbing and not sure I would want this in my case of figure accessories to play with. Take a look at the picture below.

What could this yellow gelatin substance be - hummmm one wonders. Lets take a look at the other accessories > there seems to be a pair of pantsu that have a yellowish stain (above the yellow shape). Thinking hard about this now . . . OMFG . . . she pee'd her pantsu!!!!

Now we have officially entered into a place that I am not sure we wanted to go. Have we really gotten ourselves so low in figure collecting that this had to be brought into the main stream . . . I said "stream" . . .  lmao!

So, how many of you have this on pre-order?

Source: Sankaku Complex


  1. you pervert! lol i wouldn't wanna this figure in my case. She'll be hazardous to the other male figures in it!

  2. I pre-ordered her. I might end up canceling though. This is probably the most unnecessary stunt they've pulled on a figure to date. It feels like they're just trolling us for liking Queen's Blade/Gate. I don't remember anything like that in the book, so it feels more like they're just trying to say that if we like QB/QG we must be sick enough to get off on that. I only really wanted her because the PVC is so stunningly awesome, and stunningly expensive and hard to get. This was to be my substitute.

  3. I'm ordering her for one thing and one thing only. Doughnut face. Though TBH I've considered canceling her though based purely on the pee. Not the tentacle rapey tails or the nekked-ness. Just the pee. It squicks me out a bit...

  4. i also found the peeing thing a bit is VERy disturbing but i know there are people with this kind of fetish so it cant be helped. At least we had normal figure of her before....still, the whole peeing this is ew....

  5. @kluxorious ~ at least I said only in her adult mode. It would be worried as well.

    @Persocom ~ I love both versions of the PVC as well, but cost is a bit high. This would be a great compromise, but the whole pee thing is nuts.

    @Rapunzel ~ I thought the Donut face was funny, but actually thought it looked like something else though at first

    @Hiroshi ~ not sure I want that showcased in my collection and have my son and his friends looking at that going "ewwwwww" and then telling their parents!

  6. Piss?? Really? lol Wow, now I've seen everything.

  7. Wow....that is too much lol....luckily I don't collect figures from this line...I'll just stick to mecha or nendos :P Wonder what other people will think seeing this on my table lol!

  8. @Seantaku ~ I am really scared what they will come out with next

    @chubbybots ~ I should of kept to mecha as well, but i love my girls

  9. Nope. Not for me. Revoltech is trying to see how far they can go and apparently they do get some fans for this series but I like the earlier ones but still not good enough for me.

  10. @Leon ~ I fully agree with you on this one

  11. ugh...not a fan of that, but then again I doubt I'm the target audience for this figure

  12. Some far, my Revoltech figures are Saber Lily other than mecha. I will stick to Gundam & Macross. Hee! Hee!

  13. Revoltech is getting a wee bit bolder, IMO... (pardon the pun XD)

    As much I wanted to have one QB figures... They're a bit small (compare to a Fraulein), for me, that is. =D


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