Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Updated Blog Header and Added Page

I have been wanting to update my blog header for a while since the big change a while ago. I wanted to do something with Gurren Lagann that would really be cool. It took me about an hour tonight to do the research, make the banner and then upload it.

I had a couple ideas with using a group shot, but could not crop it. I kept either loosing Yoko or Nia in the shot.

The other idea was kind of a "family" shot with Kamina, Yoko and Simon. But once again, I had the issue of cutting off a head (Simons to be exact). But don't tell me that wallpaper is not a totally awesome shot!

I finally decided on Kamina as he was kind of a father figure in the show. I used an add-in for Photoshop CS3 to make the cool design you see above from this. make a change to the lettering to make it pop and wa-la, new header.

It is still kind of big, but I wanted it to stretch the entire length of the blog. What do you think of the change? Is it too bright for the blog as I have such a dark theme?

UPDATE: I made the header darker - it was too bright as Kluxorious said

I almost forgot, this past weekend I was a bit busy adding another page to the layout. You can now see all my reviews under one page header called Reviews (of course). I have it broken down by Anime, Figures, Manga & Movies in alpha order for ya.


  1. yeah it is much too bright for your theme. Find something that blends a bit more with your whole look.

    Not that I'm in any position to give you advice :)

  2. @Kluxorious ~ I think you are right, so I did a darker version of it. It definitely does not scream at you now, but adds a bit of color to the site. Thanks for your advice :)

  3. LOVE LOVE the new header. The other one was more personalized but I still like this one WAY MORE! AWESOME!

  4. @lovelyduckie ~ thanks, I love it to ;)

  5. Why dont you use the original picture?
    i think it will suit more =)but yet again you made a good choice for the pictures!

  6. Nice cool banner to keep us refresh! Tells a lot of what you like too!

  7. Love the new header, really reflects your style!!!!!

  8. I like it. This one adds a lot of attitude to the site.

  9. Hey it's looking good, I like the new change ^^ I really badly need to change my banner as well.

  10. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ thanks

    @Andrew L. Budny ~ trying to get updated

    @Yi ~ more manly!

    @Persocom ~ I wanted something to reflex the new site design


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