Sunday, October 03, 2010

Queens Blade Rebellion 1/6 Ymir Complete

Looks like I get to look, but not buy again. It seems that Queen's Blade as a new version of Ymir. I love the style and pose of this one more than mine. I like how she is standing kind of bent in an innocent way while holding 2 Battle Axes. Honestly, don't you just want to go up and pat her on the head and say "Oh, such a cute little girl"?

Still the price even with discounts, it is STILL not in my price range as seen below, thanks Clayz.

From Japan:
Hobby Search = $181.75
HobbyLink Japan = $205.49
Play-Asia = $209.90

From US:
Hobby Fan = $245.99

Anyone adding this to their collection? If you are, then please let me know. I plan to sneak in like a Ninja and take it in the middle of the night - haha, heehee!


  1. Adorable but quite pricey I must say. Mecha suit me better. Hee! Her!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ yeppers, this one stays in the stores for me

  3. I really like her, but unfortunately, she's not in my price range either. :(
    She's really pretty though. I love her costume.

  4. @Yi ~ that is why I got the first one :)

  5. Yes Bluedrakon I want one, Sneak in and get one for me haha! :D

  6. @Cosplay Mimay ~ will try to see what I can do

  7. Yep, this one is just too expensive. No ninjas will be visiting me. I'm happy enough with the MegaHouse version ^^

  8. @Persocom ~ Wish I had the cash, but it will sit for now. Maybe Ninja's already came and you not know it hahaha


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