Monday, October 04, 2010

I ate Mr.Bill at McDonald's

Now that the title sure got your attention, here is an introduction video for those that do not remember Mr. Bill from the Saturday Night Live sketches.

To go into more details, we had stopped at McDonald's to get some lunch. We both ordered the new Angus Burgers and my son got his normal Happy Meal (6 chicken nuggets). After we got home, my burger seems a bit lopsided, so I took the top off to fix it.

I got the shock of my life to see Mr. Bill's face on my Bun. I had to take some shots for everyone to get a laugh. Mind you, this was not staged in anyway by me and is exactly like it was when I removed the bun.

It was kind of sad the way it looked anyway. Only two Pickles, a little Red Onion in the middle with a spit of Ketchup and Mustard. Then on the bottom, 2 strips of Bacon to the side. Instead of "Where's the Beef?", its "Where's the Condiments?".

Honestly, this does not even look remotely like the picture you see below

I guess when you mass produce something, you have to take away from the original design to save costs. That sure as hell looks more appetizing than the burger I got.


  1. worst.. people cant follow instructions and make the burger.. i doubt that gotta to do with saving cost..

  2. Burgers at fast food places rarely look like the ones in ads, but this is especially crappy.

  3. @pp ~ I guess they missed training that day on making the new burger

    @Yi ~ I agree, should look something like it, but this is way off base

  4. Poor Mr Bill and it makes my daughter laugh a lot when we watched the clip together. Mac's standard might have dropped by it still a convenient (decent) way to put my hunger away

  5. lol this killed me. I LOVE Mr. Bill so that had my ROFL


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