Monday, October 18, 2010

R-Style Gurren Lagann

Who can't resist these lovely girls. When I saw R-Style Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I had to have them. It took some time for me to find them at the price I wanted, so had to be patient. I have to say, it is nice having them all in one shot. There were 3 in this set, Yoko, Nia and Yoko Space, all which were 90mm tall.

Here are shots of the boxes. What I found interesting was a sticker that said "SALES OUTSIDE JAPAN ONLY". Not sure what the hell that is all about except maybe the additional labels you see on the boxes. I thought it was cool that each box had an actual picture of the figure inside the box.

There was some assembly, but everything came together fine. I have to say that for about $10.00USD each, these are not a bad buy. Each of these are well painted and the mini-accessories actually add a nice touch. Yoko has Simon's Drill to sit on, Nia has Boota she is stepping on (poor guy) and Space Yoko and the Team Gurren Flag.

Enough babbling, lets get onto the outdoor photo shoot. btw: I didn't realize how dusty they were until after I took the shots. X(

Revolving 4 Poses



Space Yoko

Infamous Pantsu Shot

Even with their bigger heads, they are a great addition to your Gurren Lagann Collection.

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  1. Seeing this makes me feel like taking my figurines out again to take some outdoor pic. Cute and great pics there and as usual the infamous pantsu shot. Lol....

  2. I really like taking them out to do the photo shoots. It is a headache hauling everything, but the shots are worth it.

    Have to keep the troops entertained!

  3. nice shot with the one with panties :D

  4. I like the warning sticker. The Yoko on the drill looks the best to me, nice shots though. Outdoor pictures are fun to do, I need to get out and do some again soon.

  5. Cosplayer Mimay ~ pantsu are my specialty :P

    @ Persocom ~ I like the part that says about Color Migration. It is so damn sad that we have to have this type of warning label in the US.

  6. Where can I find these for $10.00?

  7. @Tom ~ I kept searching the best pricing until I found it. It is hard, don't get me wrong, but I had a price point in mind and kept looking until I found it.


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