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Anime Review: Trigun Badlands Rumble

Type: Full Length Feature Film
Format: DVD (2 discs ~ movie and extras)
Distributor: Funimation
Price Point: $15.00 @Walmart

Ripped from the Back Cover:

Twenty years ago, an infamous outlaw - GASBACK - was staring down the barrel of betrayal. His gang was ready to do the world a favor and take him out - until Vash the Stampede interrupted the stand-off, allowing Gasback to escape and continue his outlaw ways. Cutting the villain loose was a risky gamble - and now, two decades later, fate's ready to settle up with Vash on the dusty streets of Macca City. Gasback's crew - including bodyguard-for-hire Wolfwood - is coming to town to cause big trouble. It's no coincidence that the outpost's mayor is Gasbacks's traitorous ex-right-hand man. The second outlaw isn't the only one looking for vengeance; Amelia, a touch desert rose with a painful past, wants to punish Gasback for the damage he's done. Everyone involved is about to learn a hard truth about consequences - and Vash the Stampede might end up paying for the lesson with his life.

What is Cool about it:

VASH THE STAMPEDE - what more can be said but that. If you love Spaghetti Westerns, then this is also up your alley. I loved the series and this movie filled you with everything in one. You have the major characters making their showing like Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Meryl Stryfe & Milly Thompson (Insurance Agents). All three brought their wonderful charisma to the movie as you would expect. I still feel sorry for those girls having to follow Vash and payout any insurance on damages. At least in this movie, they got lucky as you will see.

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The gun fights were over the top and Vash brought his wonder comedic flare to each fight. One minute being a clown and the next being serious as all hell. Wolfwood always the serious one and kick ass with that cross gun he carries. He keeps his normal style in this and doesn't hesitate to keep the ladies safe.

There was several sub-plots in this which was kept it fresh. They all flowed together to form a single movie and everything comes to a head at the end. I think this kept a fresh view of throughout the movie and made the overall movie interesting to watch.

What Suckles about it:

This is hard for me as I loved the Trigun series. But lets tear this down for our readers. The DVD Menu is a glorified Western-Type Advertising Sign. It was a bit confusing to see what was the menu and what was just type. Nice idea, but too much.

I think at time the story get a little lost in itself from time to time. Watching the city's power bulb roll from the top to the bottom of the hill and into the truck was a bit much. It seemed to go on forever and you wanted the damn to to go 'POP'. Seeing some past history in reference to Amelia is a bit silly at times and not needed. We see pop glimpses and then finally a full understanding which I figured out well before we learn the truth of her connection to Gasback.

The Extras DVD - personally don't care. I know that some people love to watch these, but if it wasn't for the review, it would of stayed in the box. For those of you interested, here is the rundown of extras (as noted in the menu): Staff and Cast Interviews, Movie Premiere at Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro, Post Recording, A mildly awesome story by something Yoshimatsu, Video Footage from Anime Expo 2009, Talk Event at Kawakaki CInecitta, Special Talk Show, Web Promotion Clip, Promotionla Video, Theatrical Commercial, Theatrical Trailer and Original Commercials.

Final Words:

If you are a fan of Vash and the Trigun series, this is a must have for your collection. For anyone who has never seen any of the anime, this is a great jump on for you to get a taste of what you have been missing

Overall Rating: B
Keep or Throw: KEEP

Movie Trailer

Have you gotten a chance to watch this?


  1. I think 'Trigun' is super cool as a game but somehow something seems missing in the anime.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I never played the game and should prove interesting to see the differences


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