Monday, December 26, 2011

Anime Cels still Sell

Not sure how many people collect Anime Cels, but I do have a few myself. I used to have several, but a fire we had 10 years ago destroyed most of them. They were mostly Transformer cels from the Beast Wars series in Japan. Still would like to get my hands on some Ghost in the Shell or Gundam cels however.

Usually they are only a little larger the a letter size sheet of paper, but you can get larger ones if they are used for panning in the anime. I have a larger one for this blog that showcases this. It is the only one that I know I have left.

As we know, this is pretty much a lost art form. You had the sketched sheet and then was handed off to the painter. You can see at the bottom right where it gets placed in the series of shots in the worksheet.

They would black line out the sketch and paint the colors in layers on the transparent sheet. Some, would have some sprayed areas to showcase explosions or lighting effects. Below is the front and back of the cel itself to give you an idea.

You also can be lucky and get a background sheet as well. These are the fully painted and sometimes highly detailed artwork that is used for the anime cels to be placed on top of for the anime.

I have only been able to pick mine up on eBay which does leave the chance of the being forged. I think that I have gotten all original cels however. I try to make sure that they have the sketch and cel both if I am purchasing them. This way I feel it is original, but who knows. I also like it when the background comes with them as well. With the background and cel, it makes it better if you choose to hang them up to show them off.

Have anyone out there in the Blog-o-Sphere collect Anime Cels?

More Info: Anime News Network


  1. I always see items like anime cels listed on eBay but never really know what it's for. Thank you the explanation.

  2. Anime cels are hard to come by, and those I have seen ere those sold in Mandarake in Nakano, Tokyo, which are not cheap at all. They are becoming a lost art unfortunately due to the increasing use of computers to draw them. They do give us something to understand how much effort it takes to do animation behind the scenes!

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it is a lost art and I hope to sometime aquire more

    @Q ~ computers are great, but to loose tis artform is a sad bifactor of it :(


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