Monday, December 05, 2011

December Haul

Lets start this week off with a BANG - December Haul!

It has been a while since I ordered anything in large quanity from Japan. HobbyLink Japan however had a deal I could not pass up. Shipping anywhere for a flat rate - SAL was about $12.50 USD and EMS at about $25.00 USD. This was for Black Friday and lasted 24 hours only.

I had sold my Queen's Blade Illustration cards (series 1 & 2) for $225.00. I had set this aside as I wanted to 'invest' it back into my figures and such. Been looking at some Rei, Asuka and Yoko figures, but never dropped the cash as I wanted to get some other stuff. I had been eyeing HLJ Sales for the longest as I wanted to get my son some SD Gundam model kits.

Well, when this came into my email box with that shipping setup, I went hog wild and ordered. I got some stuff for me and some was for my son (holiday shopping). For a strange reason, I double ordered one of the items. I was not sure what to do with it, but figured it would make a nice gift for a friend. Here is the list of what I got with price paid (Yen):

1/144 Gundam Nataku - x1 ¥700
SD Gundam:
BB Shin Ryubi Gundam - x1 ¥210
BB Shin Chouhi Gundam - x1 ¥210
BB Shin Kanu Gundam - x1 ¥210
Musha Gundam Bakunetsu Maru - x1 ¥135
BB #275 Ryuhjin Doushi Nu - x1 ¥350
CB #03 Captain Gundam FF - x1 ¥160
CB #07 Formulander JR - x1 ¥160
Sangokuden Shuyu & Sonken Set - x1 ¥672
BB SD Kibutei Sousou Jyoko Souhi - x1 ¥756
Cho-kidou Daisho-gun Kirahagane Gok - x1 ¥875
Kishin Daisyo-gun Shiryuou Kirahaga - x1 ¥1,050
BB Shin Shuusou Doven-Wolf - x1 ¥300
Revoltech Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann - x1 ¥1,943
Revoltech Blade Liger - x1 ¥1,867
Revoltech Geno Breaker - x2 ¥1,981
Queens Blade:
Queens Blade The Duel Complete Book - x1 ¥1,429
Shaman King:
Shaman King Key Chain: Ren Tao - x1 ¥114

Everything was on sale, which added even more value to my order. I wanted to order even more, but needed to keep in near what I had saved. Seriously, I had to hold back what I really wanted to get as I wanted to fill a container if possible.

I got a lot of SD Gundam models. I had an idea what my son wanted as we have sat several times looking at the site. I did get some for me of course as it has been years since I did any gunpla myself. Other items (Revoltech) was an impulse buy.

The Queen's Blade book is one I had wanted as it showcases the 3 collector card series I have been selling off. The Shaman King key chain of course is for my son who has finished reading the Manga series (32 volumes)

Photos of the Haul

We have even put 2 of the SD Gundams together on Saturday night. It was a great Father/Son time especially putting the stickers on. I need to get some ultra-fine markers though to bring out the details.

Need to hid most of these from my son, but will find it hard not to give him so we can have more fun together.

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