Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Marvel Superheros and Bakugan

Was with my son cruising the aisles at Target when I saw this. It was something I would never of thought I would see – Marvel Superhero Bakugan!

They were in a set with other Bakugan and not certain where this marriage of franchises came from. I was only able to find an Iron Nan and Wolverine Bakugan figures. Luckily my son has not gotten engrosses with the Superhero stuff yet, so it meant nothing to him. This is actually a VS set, so here is the lineup:

Razenoid VS Iron Man (you can get a Silver or Yellow faced Iron Man)
Titanium Dragonoid VS Wolverine (you can get either a Black X-Force or a Yellow Wolverine).

Not only is this a special set, you also have to GET BOTH of the special sets for a complete collection. Better get the wallet opened up as you know you got to have them all – POKEMON! – oops, sorry, wrong franchise :P

I was able to get some shots at the store. I apologize for the poor photos as I have an crappy phone, but here they are.

Is this anything you may want to get?

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