Thursday, January 19, 2012

DC Rushton’s Toy and Figures Review #3


This year’s Christmas for sure was DOOMED to be a “Slim One”. But with family, friends, and “Good Cheer”, made it a meaningful one. And that is what counts. Presents were unexpected. You would think my son Jon finding a black leather couch/love seat by a dumpster that match my recliner be the best. Completes my living room. NO! An e-mail came from the East. MY LORD AND WEB-MASTER DAN. (or is that “OUR’S) It for told of a package coming to his most “Humble Servant” , and Co-Writer. (it’s a LONG RUNNING joke between us) This was that Christmas’s, “UNEXPECTED” present that, “MADE MY CHRISTMAS“!

From “Revoltech” of the YAMAGUCHI Series, the “GENO BREAKER“. IN MY TWO FAVORITE COLOR COMBO! RED AND BLACK! I named her while still in her box, “The Red MECH Dragon”. (NO, NOT “RED NECK” DRAGON”)

She is the HOME LAND JAPANESE issue. 99% of the instructions and illustration are in “PURE NIPPON”. Only 1% English. So you MUST be mechanical mind for this “BABY”. There are “97” parts to her with Special Plastic Pliers tool included for the connectors. She a “ARF”. “All-Most Ready-To Fly”. (Old Radio Control Airplane term) Removing her from the box I only had to attach a leg to hip joint, and “Cutter Claws” in place.

Also inside I found a plastic bag with the usual “Catalog”, Spare Connectors, Tool, Flyers, and 2 “Tokens”, with a box for them. 10, and 20 value. I have no idea what you save them for. Perchance save them up and trade them in to buy a “Special” Revoltech. If anyone out there knows, please drop us a note. I AM NEW TO THIS! Assembled, I for saw the “Stander Set Up” problems with this Figures. No problem for this experienced Figure Hobbyist.

From the Dumpster came a nice little black prefinished rectangle of wood, 5 ½ X 9 ½ inch. (must have been a DVD shelf) This is why I save wood scraps and such. This became the “Display Base”. When dealing with these “Articulated Figures”, start with the feet and legs FIRST. A solid proper position attached to your Display Base will give you a work base. THIS IS A MUST. So PRE-PLAN! I would of epoxy her feet to base. Damn I was all out. So… I attached her with small screws. I will fill the cross tip heads with epoxy and paint silver to match. E-Z!

IT’S MAN “PLAY TIME”! Position your DRAGON any way you wish for today’s display. One could spend hours changing it, deploying weapons, and the like. I DISPLAY HER RIGHT UNDER THE CENTER OF MY CHRISTMAS TREE! For she was my Number One Present this year of 2011. The MEN during Christmas Day would set in my back bed room around my work bench to do MANLY things they do at Christmas. Center on my work bench was my Red Mech Dragon. And center of conversation she was! (and MAN play).

“Thank You Again, My Web-Master Dan!”


  1. This is an awesome Revoltech masterpiece of Zoids. It's no wonder it made your Christmas! Genobreaker is one of those powerful Zoids now made more posable.

    1. A Red Dragon for a Red Dragon, not a bad year


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