Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Gunpla Fun with the Son

Finally got around to building some of the SD Gundam models I got last year. I wanted to pick a nice kit that both of us could build. With that in mind, I opened up Sonken Gundam & Shuuyu Hyakushiki Sekiheki no Gouhou Set. From what I can understand, this is from the 'BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Clash of the Heroes Chapter' series.

Here is the front and back of the box

Most of the other ones I have in single packs are from this series too which I am happy about. I just happen to enjoy the samurai era and add in SD Gundam for that extra fun. Not only did you get 2 figures, but you got other cool stuff. This included 2 comics and a switchable background along with your parts and instructions.

Me and my son started assembly and had a blast doing this. Of course, I let him pick which character he wanted to do first. I was able to take some shots of him building his, but none of me as my wife was a bit busy at the time :(

We had some markers, but really didn't use them as the stickers worked great. A trick I use, it to take a wooden toothpick and use it to press down the sticker. This way it gets in between the raised surfaces to give it a better 3D look.

We took our time as you can tell and finished our figures with great success. I have to say this was a great Father / Son time that I will be looking forward to doing again. Here are the photos of the figures and also a guest appearance by Shin Kanu Gundam.

Have you shared your passion of collecting with your family or friends?


  1. Must welcome your son to the world of Sangokuden. I don't have this set but had those individual characters in their normal mode.

    1. I have some of the regular ones as well, but these 2 in 1 kits were pretty cool. I just have to get another time to have another day for us to do this again :D


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