Friday, April 27, 2012

Cosplay: White Rock Shooter (WRS)

Figured I keep on the gaming theme once again this week as well.

Now this is only a character that you will see in the RPG version of Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. Though similar in dress to BRS cosplay, she is in white and magenta (kind of an opposite). 

The history of this characer is that she is an alien that came to Earth as a Singer under the name of Sing Love (seriously, this is her name as translated???). She has an interesting storyline in the game as she is the source of the Gray Clones created by Professor Gibson.

Out of all her weapons, I really like the White Scythe.  I think it is the best designed of all the weapons and the most recognized.

Now I know you came to see how great this character was cosplayed. Well we have several for you that really did her justice.

(photographers: Garnet Runestar & Camera Ninjas)

(photographer: bprx/lwj)

(photographer: usi さん
(alt source: mmosite)

Platina ★
(photographer: unknown)

Ytka Matilda
(photographer: Andrey Kudryavtsev)

Let me know which of these ladies are your favorite?

We are also always looking for our NEXT COSPLAY STAR, so drop me a line a bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Ive actually havent seen any cosplay of White rock shooter, they look very nice!

    I especially love NANAMI RYOTA because I have no idea how she managed to have the equipements and all XD

    1. It is an interesting character with her all in white. I was amazed by the detail NANAMI RYOTA added to her cosplay. Wonder the time it took to get all that on.

  2. Oh there are actually quite a few WRS cosplays out there, despite the character's rather brief appearance in the game.

    Hard to say which one is my favourite of the bunch (I don't often choose a favourite), but it may be between NANAMI RYOTO and Dolly. I have seen Platina's one on Yahoo Auction Japan before as the costume was actually available for sale.

    I saw one WRS cosplay during C3 last month too. Hers isn't bad either. Gotta say I'm impressed how they're willing to dress up as such with such bulky equipments and little cloth on (comparison to other anime characters available and the significance of the chracter)!

    Here's the link of the one who participated in Hong Kong if you're interested:

    1. I thought it was an interesting an not too much discussed character. The amount of time taken on some of the accessories is quite an undertaking.

      I am amazed as well by the little they actually were for some of the cosplays as it does add to the fanboy desires:P

      Thanks for the link as it was interesting how they used feathers for the eye covers.

  3. I didn't follow the anime and I think white is the game version. I think those fin funnels (Gundam term) on Nanami are awesome. How did she do that... Also like the flame on the eye. Iconic 'of Black Rock Shooter'

    1. you are correct as she is only in the game. I think the fin funnels were assembled with tubing and foam board, but not sure.


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