Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quick Look: Zetman

Saw the posted artwork and thought this may be a cool one to check out. I was surprised how this actually started, but can understand why. We needed to know a bit of the history before we get to the fun, so this is what the first episode is more about. 

Quick Background: Back in 1989, this started out as a one-shot manga series by Masakazu Katsura.

***** SPOILER ALERT ******

Where are the adults in this show as I am only seeing them as kids??? Okay, we need to be provided with some background story. I am cool with that as this was still action packed. I was not disappointed in this at all.

Gotta love the Rich folks who have to have the next level of entertainment.Genetically altered humans who fight to the death. Anyone know or can guess where this is going? Yep, you guessed right, caged animals become self aware and want out. All Hell breaks loose and there are mass escapes of these creatures. We know that terror and mayham will follow soon.

We get a preview then of these 'kids' that are certainly the younger versions of the people in the artwork for the series. We find that Jin Kanzaki is from poverty and has a ring on the top of his hand right under the skin (why?). The Kouga and Konoha Amagi are from a more aristocratic life style. As kids, they formed an alliance to help people in distress.

Bloodshead and Mayham do happen as people are being killed on the street in broad daylight. No one knows who is doing this wor how they are doing it so fast. Of course, all is not well for Jin or Kouga either. In this first episode, things take a nasty turn which I am sure will change both their lives forever. Jin loses justabout everything he holds dear - TWICE and Kouga's father tells him to no longer hang out with Jin - EVER!

We do however see Jin's powers manifest to save his new found custodian. You do not want to piss this kid off or else you are DOA. During this scene, we find out about a another entity that is at play. I just love those 'watch from the shadows' organizations.

Overall Early Score: B for Bloodshed.

I will be adding it to my watch list for this Spring 2012 anime season, how about you?

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