Thursday, May 03, 2012

Do you DREAM in ANIME?


If one would ask this “Hard Science based, Science Fiction” writer that question, there can be only one answer, YES! I dream sometimes the ideas for my novel. Within these dreams are mix my “Real Life” experiences, and “Anime”. From my “Wartime” experiences, to working on Aircraft, they are all there.

Once in the first of the episodes of “ROBOTECH”, a young Rick Hunter was being spoken to by his older brother. As he was explaining why he never return home as he promised, a quick scene was shows of a Veritech on aircraft work jacks. (paint job was that of his “Skull Squadron ”) The land gear was being cycled through the retracted, then, extended positions. “Been doing that for the last 4 days”, I said to myself. And had dreamed it 2 nights before. For you see, I am a “Active Dreamer”!

Why I named my Veritech after my EX? E-Z!
She is ONE UN-HOLY BITCH, except to ME!
In my dreams, things don’t just happen. I take a “Active” part in them. For the memories and experiences of my life are all there. From the smell of aircraft JP-4 jet fuel, jet turbines vibrating your entire body, to the aircraft lifting off the runway with it’s G forces pressing you back into the pilot’s seat. Now add my power of my “Creation Imagination”. The B-52 is now a “Armor Assault Shuttle”, landing on a “HOT LZ”. The F-14 I was working on performing a “Taxi Performance Check Out”, (TPCO), is now a Robotech, “Veritech”, and I am at the controls.
I have a friend here in San Diego, who is a member a of the group who Volunteers their time on the Midway Air Craft Museum. They were getting the ship ready for some event. He knows me and my novel so he gave me a call to come on down. As a Veteran and a extra hand,(and truck!) was most welcome. One man there knew a little of Anime AND OF ROBO TECH! I asked him if I could go up to the Ship’s Bridge. No problem guy. ENJOY! MAN ARE THESE SHIPS ARE BIG! Found a hatch that was one section under the Bridge, stopped for a drink of can Coke, and a smoke. With mind set in “To Be Inspired”, I stepped on to the Ship’s Bridge.

It was not the Midway anymore and I was no longer DC Rushton. Through my vision she was the SDF-1 MACROSS. With pipe in hand, I was Commander Global, her Captain. The Void filled with her stars was the view I saw as I look out on to the Flight Deck. Armor Veritechs armed to the teeth were mounting the catapults to launch. More were coming up on deck from their hangers from the elevators. The music of the first Robotech Series fill my ears, as well as the voices of the “Bridge Bunnies”. (as the flight crews called them) Lt. Claudia Smith (need to verify this a a) turns to me asks, “Skull squadron ready to launch. Your orders Captain?

I went home that night and made only a TV dinner. Wrote several outlines for some possible stories for the novel. And that night, you can bet your last dollar I dreamed in Anime.

So now I ask you my readers, “THEE QUESTION?”



  1. Good question. I can't recall ever having dreamed in anime.. but it's possible. I know I've had dreams that were very anime-like in their presentation, as well as plenty with games/figures in them. I'll get back to you after I spend an entire day watching anime some time and see if I dream it XD

    1. I can say the only time I dreamed a show was after watching a zombie show. Always seem to have damn zombies in my dreams the same night - wtf is that about?

  2. Ive never actually dreamed about anime, I wish I could because something Im tired of RL ^^ but I wonder what kind of dream It would be.

    1. It would be nice fo get away from RL as it is a drag sometimes :-/


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