Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Revoltech Zoids

I wanted to do a Quick Look at my Revoltech from the Zoids series that I got at Christmas last year. These were both sculpted by Tani Akira and 'Action Produce' by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa. I think they formed a great team to bring these both to life

I have yet to do a full photo shoot with them, but wanted to show you just what came in these sets. I had an extra Geno Breaker which I gave to DC for Christmas which you can see here [LINK]. These boxes are also not small by a long shot as your normal boxes are for the other figures. I was quite shocked by that and excited.
Here are the shots of Revoltech #093 - Blade Liger. With the stand (included), you can really get creative with the way this is posed. The overall details on this is just spectacular and you really get the feel for what this "kitty" can do.

Here is the packaging design, what the figure looks like before assembly and a closeup shot.

Here are the shots of Revoltech #096 - Geno Breaker. I guess the one accessory on this one is where you can use an extension pole for his one claw. It has no base like Liger and is free standing. I can understand this as it is not known as a jumper and can stand and pose quite well without it.

Here is the packaging design, what the figure looks like before assembly and a closeup shot.


Both them came with a storage box for parts, cons that can be collected and used for free stuff and a tool. The tool isn't the best as it is plastic, so I needed to use my Needle Nose Pliers on some of the assembly. The universal connectors at time gave me some serious grief, but patience won out in the end. You also get a pamphlet letting you know what you can redeem with the coins and the great thing that is Revotech.

 Right now, this is how I have them in my display case. It is similar to what you see on the packaging and did make a good diorama for now.

Let me know if you have picked these up and what your thoughts are?


  1. Wow these look pretty good! I've been curious about the non-Queen's Blade Revoltechs but haven't bought a single one since Yoko. I really like both of these, and that's really awesome that they include the tool with them. I would have my Shinki girls ride on these.

    1. I can say that these would be large enough for your girls to ride. Boxes were larger than the normal figure Revoltech that I am used to.


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