Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cosplay Poll Results

Here are the final results of our July Cosplay Poll.

Air Gear with 10 votes is the winner

2nd Place: Angel Beats ~ 6 votes
3rd Place (tied): Rosario + Vampire and Fairy Tails ~ 5 votes

Then we have the bottom of the poll. These are some great shows, but I guess everyone is tired of the cosplay???

One Piece ~ 3 votes
Bleach ~ 2 votes
Aquarion (either series) ~ 0 votes :_(

These final totals came from our blog as well as a poll over at SocialCos [link].

We now have a new poll going to see which of the 4 characters we will be showcasing. So as time permits, click on your top 4 on the poll to your right.

Thanks again for your time in checking us out and voting :D

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