Saturday, June 16, 2012

Please Read the Posted Signs

"Welcome to 2old4anime's INSPIRATIONAL SIGNS"

Each week here, I (D.C. Rushton), shall be presenting 5 Anime or Cosplay signs for your Enjoyment, Make You Laugh, or Just Make You Think!

Had My Father on my mind for this post.

In the Korean War. My father was a " TANK COMMANDER"! I am SURE he would love to watch with me this Anime Series.

For you see, this week's theme is...



If you have any suggestions, drop me a comment here. I love fulfilling the requests of our Readers - YOU!

Until next week, "Please read the Posted Signs".


  1. I remember encountering Tank Police when I was much younger. Missed a lot of the animes back then, but the opening theme is quite catchy though.

    Say, what tank did your father command back in the days? :o

    1. He Commanded a very Speical Type of Tank: The "Sherman","FLAME TANK"! Also, I am NOT SURE, he was a member of the "Flame Dragon"!

    2. Sherman Flame Tank! Those were the last of their kinds by the time they were employed in Korea!

  2. ....i don't get half of these motivation posters except for maybe the nuke it from orbit lolll...Aliens ftw

    P.S. I hate blogspot's comment system -_-''

    1. That's our buddy DC, he has a crazy sense of design when he does these.

      It is maddening sometime, but it works for what we need it to X^D


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