Monday, June 11, 2012

Figure Review: Major Motoko Kusanagi Hard Disk

With our last cosplay blog being about this character, I figured I might as well follow up with a figure post of her.

This is a review of Major Motoko Kusanagi Hard Disk version that was put out by Alpha/Toycom. It is the regular version of this figure. I think there are actually 2 more versions. I picked both this and the White Out figure from eBay for
$6.95 (this includes shipping). They usually got for $19.99 which is way to high if you ask me. It is not a bad figure to have and I will try to get the other versions if the pricing/shipping is right.

Here are the packaging shots that I tool of the figure. It is a simple shelf hanging package design and not much is on the back for further information.

The only accessory in this one is a mini Red Tachikoma. Just enough detail, but is a solid one piece mold.

Major Motoko Kusanagi however is a totally different story. They really did a nice job with all the external wiring and detailing. The head interface display even goes up and down which is nice. The overall sexiness of the figure is not lost either as you will see in my shots. Though it was a bit rough in some areas (painting was not good on some parts), I just can't get by the fact they have wires attached to her.

The only downside on this figure, she can't stand. There is no display stand and due to an issue with the legs, the one foot does not sit right. I am under the impression this was due to being exposed to heat and warped it a bit.

Never the less, I had to add some "footing" to the one foot so she would stand. I pulled some felt pads off of my shelf separators and used them to help make her stand. She still has a slight lean :(

Well, lets get to the figure so you can make your own judgements.

4 Revolving Poses

Closeup Shots

The Infamous PANTSU Shot

Overall, would I pay $19.99 for this ~ no freaking way. I don't think the price is worth it due to the standing issues and lack of a display stand.

THE END~ literally :D

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