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Please Read the Posted Signs of BANKAI

"Welcome to 2old4anime's INSPIRATIONAL SIGNS"

Each week here, I (D.C. Rushton), shall be presenting 5 Anime or Cosplay signs for your Enjoyment, Make You Laugh, or Just Make You Think!

DC asks YOU, our READERS:  If you were a “SOUL REAPER . . .

“BANKAI ~ are you doing it wrong!

“Is your Bankai this powerful?

“Can your Bankai kill Hollows?”




Her name… Is “SAYADINA”! (pictured here, but “RED” not blue) She was a FEMALE DRAGON. On her forehead is the tattoo of the “TAOIST YING/YANG”! Out living her mate, who fell before his time, she is still heart broken, and lonely. The Bankai Sword she is bonded to, was forged with her last dieing “FRAMING BREATHS, in hopes to meet someone like her mate, long lost, to the EONS!

Stolen from the Soul Reaper Science Labs, (long studied because it would not “BOND” with anyone) it was lost in the land of the living. DC, visIting “ICHIGO’S” home town. He is a Mentally Disabled Veteran of Nan. His “INSANITY” is in FACT, his hidden, “SOUL REAPER’S SOUL TYPE”.

A strange calling and dreams has sent him on a Motorcycle journey to ECHO home town. Sleeping under the night’s stars in the woods, he see a lost girl being chased by HOLLOWS! His stander personal protection is, and ALL-WAYS… his “KLINGON”, Dagger. His blade, his combat in “Hand-To-Hand”, Tai-Chi-Fan ( the FIGHTING form of Tai-Chi)and Marshal Arts training severs his well. But it is no match against the HOLLOWS!

Using his body as a shield to protect the child only as a last defense, they are pined against a large boulder. SAYADINA lays under meters of earth, under their feet. “HE IS HERE. MY SOUL REAPER SOUL MATE!”, she “RIPS” through the meters earth, knocking the Dagger out of his right hand. The “RED DRAGON BANKAI”, Spiritual Pressure and Red Blinding Pure Light, blinds, and causes the HOLLOWS to back off a few meters. It hover a single meter before him. Behind the sword a “Misty Vision of a Red Dragon Woman in tears appears.

“WHAT IS MY NAME?”, her silent lips asks. DC felt first in his lonely heart her question, then his mind.

“SAYADINE”, he answered her, and he reaches for the SOUL MATE, of his HEART, and…. HIS BANKAI!

Kissing the RED BURNING BLADE OF PURE SOUL FIRE, he said: “I LOVE YOU, WE ARE BOUNDED AS ONE!”. The HOLLOWS down to the very last one only lasted…ONE SINGLE SWORD SLICE!

And that is how DC “Discovered”, his…



Is your Bankai as good as DC’S?

Well my Readers…

Send us a Picture of “YOUR BANKAI”! And DO NOT FORGET IT’S NAME, and STORY! (a short paragraph)


  1. Guess my Bankai will be my colleague venting hie frustration on me due to his personal prob and rise his voice at me for nothing. My blood boils and pressure goes up. I told him 'Bring it on'.

    1. LOL - Not sure I would want that Bankai O_o Maybe they just need to step back and look at the whole pciture


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