Saturday, August 04, 2012

Limited Edition Yaya Han 2013 Calendar

Our roaming co-writer, DC was very fortunate to meet with Yaya Han at SDCC 2012. It made a big impression on him as he was very captivated with her speech that day. It really inspired him to continue to do more in with the art of cosplay. I can't even express how he excited he was when he not only was able to speak with her, but also pose for several photographs.

I asked him if he got a calendar while at SDCC this past month and he didn't. I decided that the least I could do was order one for him. After a couple emails, I was able to find how he wanted it personalized and I ordered it immediately for him. He has since received it and can't be more pleased. Now he has a whole year of lovely cosplay photographs of Yaya to keep him on track.

I want to send out my thanks to Yaya for taking the time to note the extra part. If you want to get one of these Limited Edition 2013 Yaya Han Calendar, you just need to visit her Store. For $24.99, it is a steal since it is personalized to you by Yaya. Shipping in the United States is free, but international will be an extra $10.00 USD.

Here is a shot of his personalize calendar and the lovely note written to him


  1. Awesome :D Yaya looks great on there and such a nice message ^^

    1. YOu can have it personalized and she went the extra step for me and added "the oldest cosplayer'


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