Monday, August 06, 2012

Review: Masamune Shirow Intron Depot Ballistics

I have gotten another Intron Depot figure from an eBay seller. I was actually suppose to get 3 figures, but while the auction was active, someone took 2 of them. We worked out a deal on the remaining figure which was Intron Depot Ballistics. He had all the pieces and it was in the clam shell container, but didn't have the backing. After everything, it only cost me $15.00 USD for it which included shipping.

You will note that this is also the same character that is on the front of the art book by the same name. It depicts Masamune Shirows artwork and is something any Shirow collector should have.

The figure arrived in excellent condition and everything was intact.  All the parts were there and she really did have a full arsenal of weapons. You actually had an extra gun for her out reached had and I will have photos showing then both later.

The one thing that you will note, is that there are no pins for her to fit into. There are some bullet casings on the stand, but that is it. If you were to move her, make sure to keep this in mind or she will slip off the stand.

4 Revolving Poses

 Different Guns
(I like the pistol over the auto)
Closeup Shots
Infamous Pantsu Shot
(sort of as she is wearing pants - LOL)

Is this one that you may be adding to your collection?


  1. Very the art of Masamune Shirows as this character look very much like Deunan from AppleSeed. Awesome figure with details and fearsome weapons. Those bullet shells on the stand makes it very realistic. Thank you the pantsu shot even though she's well protected. Hee! Hee!

    1. You are right about that and now I know why this was bugging me. I thought it looked familar. I need to find the darn pantsu figures!!!

  2. What a great deal for $15! Not really interested in getting it myself but still, looking good especially for that price. Once in a while Ebay can be a good place to get figures (though I rarely do that).

    1. yea, eBay isn't always the great place for stuff anymore. You really need to know your product and the price to get nice deals.


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