Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Figure Order of the Holiday Season

I am finally getting my hands on some new ‘toys’. But for the connoisseur or collector, they should be called ‘figures’. Now that this silliness is out of the way, let’s take a look ~

I have pre ordered one from the Armor Girls Project (AGP) series which is due out in December ~ I hope. This will be the MS Girl GP03 Stamen figure that I am getting for $70USD. I actually have the Gundam Fix Figuration (GFF) version of as well . It will go quite well with my other purchase a while back of the MS Girl Wing Gundam figure.

I have found that they are also doing a ‘Holiday Version’ of MS Girl Wing Gundam. This one however, has an asking $128 USD which was almost 2.5x as much as I paid for the original version. At that price, you can keep it . . . for now.

I must say that I really like this style of figures from AGP. I may try to also get the versions from the Infinite Stratos anime series. They are just as detailed and with the same amount of accessories as a GFF. It is a great mix of mecha and moe that can’t be denied. They also do a line from Strike Witches, but too much moe and not enough mecha for me. There I finally said it – ‘moe’ - LOL.

I also went through Big Bad Toys Store’s (BBTS) Overstock Sale section to see if anything might pop out. I figured I could do some Christmas shopping while I am on their site. If you are a big fan of Transformers or Star Wars figures, they have a ton of them in this section. It is broken down in percentage increments, which are nice so you know which group has the best deals.

To my wondrous surprise, I found a Revoltech figure of the White Liger Zoid (Revoltech #93EX). I already have the Blue Liger and Red Geno Breaker from last year’s holiday season. This is the Miyazawa Mokei Exclusive version was on sale for only $34.16USD; it was a no-brainer. Besides the color difference (see photo), I don’t think there is much else of a change. Still, these are awesome figures to own – now I just need to get the Red version.

I even found some SD Gundam model kits which I got for my son. I just got 2 of them (#348 Bashoku and #353 Gakushin Gundams) since they had dragons on the armor. He really enjoys building these with me, so why not. At under $5USD for each, it was another easy choice. I also found a sheet of Peel and Press stickers from the Yu-Gi-Oh series. I am sure he will use these to decorate his bed.

I am sure you will see review posts here once I can ‘play’ with them.


  1. The White Liger Zoid should be the more luring for me. The GP03 girl has the facial of Ayanami from EVA and looks really cute but still I'm holding back. due to budget constraint and not falling the honey trap to start another line of Gundam collection.

    1. I figure that If I can keep up with the Gundam Girls, I will be fine. I know my son will be upset that the White Liger isn't for him

  2. Even though I am not collecting mecha girls, I do look forward to see your review of the GP03 girl.

    The image of White Liger Zoid scratchings its head with its hind leg is pretty cute, didn't expect to see it for a mecha lol.

    1. It should be fun once they ship these out. I have gotten confirmation yet and some of them are now showing "Sold Out".


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