Thursday, August 01, 2013

Revoltech and eBay - a Love/Hate Relationship

Seems I have caught the craze of Revoltech. I only had the 3 Zoids at the time when I moved into my new place, I had my son help me put them together and pose them. He loved doing them and was excited to put them in my showcase. I had some others a while back, but sold before moving to Maryland. Now I wanted to get back into them and explore the fun once again.

eBay became my 'friend' again and started to follow up on them. My first couple were Gurren Lagann in Drill Mode and Dancouga. Easy enough to pose and again my son helped. Since my son was so enamored with Monster Hunter, I decided to get some of those figures. The first one was the Red version of the Swordman Figure Kaiju Rathalos Liol Aeus. When my son came over for one of my weekends, we put it together and posed him. We did all the poses on the box, but honestly had a hell of a time with balance. Just so you are aware, most of the photos of these figures have the stands photoshopped out. I can see no other way than that to have them in those positions.


I also picked up the Blue Liolaeus Series #121EX (eBay) and Hunter Swordsman Jinoh #133 (Amazon). I hope to have Man Hunter Swordsman Jinoh in a post sometime later. As for Liolaeus, see my below story (#FML).

eBay can be a fucking hassle at times though. Out of the the auctions I won, I had to place disputes on 3 of them. Out of them, 2 never responded and I had to get my money back (eBay does have a GREAT resolution system). This caused me missing out on 3 Revoltechs (1 Monster Hunter and 2 Gurren Lagann's). On the last one (#121 Liolaeus), it finally arrived after filing it. The funny thing about this is the seller is a couple hours from where I live. I could have drove to his place and picked up the damn thing.

On top of it all, even after it arrived, the tongue was missing and the peg was broken inside his mouth (never noted in auction). Since my son didn't mind, I kept it. All the other parts were fine and I will just need to drill out the busted part so he can put the fireball in his mouth.

An old lesson re-learned - if used, ASK QUESTIONS!

Now I am awaiting the Gurren Lagann Revoltech Special Edition to be sent. This is suppose to be brand new but opened to review - I hope everything is there X^(

Any horrors of online shopping with eBay?


  1. I understand what you went thru that is why I saved my heart ache and worries by not browsing there. Sometime the deal is too good to be true for some reasons.

    1. I have only a cuople more packages arriving and then dropping off again. It is a good source to look for things, but again, you get what you pay for :^(

  2. I haven't used ebay for a long time. The only times I used it was for 1:144 tanks when I was still in the UK, and luckily those went smoothly as they were rather niche stuff.

    Online auctions really do have their risks. Heck, even Yahoo Auction Japan can have untrustworthy sellers too, as I remember my very first purchase there was of a bad one (and the seller had good reputation too).

    But at least you and your son has fun posing them. Time for some dragon slaying~

    1. It was interesting getting back into eBay after such a long time away. I think I have has enough of it for a while again. Need to get out my new 'toys' for some photo shoots and play with them :^)

  3. I don't play Monster Hunter but appreciate the characters. I go to ebay when I'm desperate and most of the time ended paying more. It's a mixed feeling too .. Met good people and nasty ones too. Just gotto bite the teeth.

    1. I agree as it seems like a crap shoot now when bidding. Too many people are actual sellers to and not normal people like us selling our stuff.


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