Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tachikoma Earphone Jack & Strap Sets

I saw these on ebay and had to get the entire set. Though I know I paid a bit too much for these, but I think it was worth it. Too bad I didn't live in Japan as these would only cost 300 Yen in the machines. It also took what seemed forever to get here, but they shipped the day after Christmas.

What you have is a set of 6 Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell for your phone. There are only 3 true version showing the Blue, Red and Yellow Tachikomas. This was manufactured by Union Creative (in Japanese).

You have one set that just fits into the ear phone jack. This seems like the Tachikoma is sitting on the edge of your phone. The other set of 3 has the Tachikoma holding the Laughing Man logo which is connected to a strap. I think this one is the coolest as it has them hanging off your phone. Here is the full set with one of the gashapon inserts. You won't see the Blue Tachikoma as he is currently hanging on my phone \(^o^)/

Here are some more close up shots of them. I was mostly amazed by the details on the Yellow Tachikoma as they included the strips on their legs.


I wanted to also show you what they looked like on a phone. I rather like the strap version better as the sitting one will be in the way of you talking on the phone. Nothing more annoying that a Tachikoma getting into a personal conversation.My only concern is the antennas as they look to be easily broken off from normal wear.

It was funny as my son said, "They are so cute". He was still deciding if he wanted a red or yellow one for his phone. I want to send a Red Tachikoma (or the set) to DC after my son decides.

It bears the question: What do you have on your phone for a charm if anything?

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