Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lineage II Dark Elf Brown Version 1/7 Scale Review

It was a busy weekend with stuff going on. I was happy to see this when I came home on Friday. There were 2 versions of her but I went with the brown version. Looking back, maybe I should have gone with her original color of blue. I did get a Chocoochi Mini set which has her in the blue. Oh well, maybe next time.

Like noted, this is 1/7 scale and manufactured by Max Factory (in Japanese). I found the best price with shipping at Hobby Fan. This is a stunning figure to own and I am really impressed with the details (well there is one exception). The base is done in a marble texture with the logo in the center. I like the fact that she can be taken apart. It makes it so much easier to put her legs into the base without the added upper body. I have always had issues with the feet posts as they were usually very tight. After that was set, I put on her body wrap and then her upper body.

The staff is really cool as the orange parts are translucent and you can shine light through them. The eye in the center is wicked and makes for one scary accessory. I found it funny that they added an instruction sheet noting the points on the top staff's head. I can't read what it says, but I am assuming it is saying these parts are sharp. If you can read it, let me know what it actually says as I am curious.

This is a beautifully rendered figure overall. The details are pronounce and really brought this to an higher level. Like I noted on other posts, I am gearing some of my purchases to more realistic looking figures. You can see this in her face and mid-drift as her belly button is well defined. I like how she is twisting and her hair flows along with her sleeves. You get a definite understanding that this figure is in motion and frozen at this exact point. Now I am going to have to say this as it is screaming at me, she has a bodacious ass. Seriously, check out the pic and tell me she doesn't. Okay, now that this is out of the way, you have to admit this is a seriously sexy figure. This and the details really makes it a great piece to own. I am having to make some changes to my display case so I can house her.

Now for the only FAIL of this figure - the back of her hair.

Here is the shot of what I am talking about. I am not sure what happened in the QA process, but this is not what her hair should look like. This was a manufacturing issue as the indentations in her hair were not caused by shipping. The good note is that this is the back and not seen while in the showcase.

Will this type of defect make you send this back?

With that aside, lets get to the photos I took of her for your enjoyment. You will see exactly what I mean by the lovely details.

4 Revolving Poses

Close Up Shots

Close Up Shots minus the Wrap
The Infamous Pantsu Shot

I still have Kamael 1/7 PVC Figure that is still pending and it is another one from this series of Max Factory.

Will you be adding this to your collection?

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