Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Build: Dayakkaiser and Gurren

Another fun weekend of model building with my son. I had gotten him a couple Gurren Lagann models this past holiday and we built them yesterday. They are from the Kotobukiya Plain Model Series. I picked up #03 (Dayakkaiser) and #05 (Gurren). I will be looking for the others sometime in the future for us to complete as well.

He decided he wanted to do Dayakkaiser and left me to do Gurren. Though it seemed it was quite a simple build, we both had some challenges. We figured it out and was able to complete them in no time. What surprised me was both models had the eye areas painted. It was nice as no other decals or stickers were provided. I have to say that this was the one down fall of these kits. I would have rather enjoyed that they did have stickers so we could give them more definition.

Here are some photos of the models and the build. We didn't take as many photos as there wasn't really many parts to assemble. You may notice my son was also enjoying some Ramune when he was working on his model.

Gurren did come with Lagann inside the model kit. Thought they weren't to scale, it was a nice 'little' addition to the kit. You may want to paint these to really complete the correct adaption of them though. I asked my son if he wanted to do that, but he was okay with how they were. They both had ball joints and you could move their arms and legs fairly easily. The joints were tight, so the level of movement was a bit limited.

Here are the shots of the finished models. I will start off with Dayakkaiser and then Gurren with Lagann. I liked the fact you cold take Gurren's glasses off if you wanted.

Here is the gang together doing a fist bump for us as we finally put them together.
We hope you enjoyed our little show and maybe in a couple weeks we will have another one!

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