Wednesday, February 12, 2014

HEY KATSUCON!, I'm still Coming!!!!

Hell or Frozen Tundra, I am going to Katsucon 20!

We are suppose to have a freaking snowstorm / blizzard right through Maryland/DC. As you can see by the wonderful map it is the nice dark band that we are in (the deep stuff). Why is it that I FINALLY take a vacation AND want to hit a con at the same time, this happens?

Well, this has not detered me and made me stronger!

I called the Gaylord National Resort and added today to my schedule. I am sure that the Hotel has mixed reservations about this storm as well. But after talking to the wonderful Customer Service, they noted that everyone was moving their check in up. They will now make some extra revenue with the additional rooms being full.

 I will be making my trek down after work and getting all settled in. I should get there just before the storm is suppose to hit. I am also a bit excited that the VIP's get to go into the convention areas a 1/2 hour before anyone else. This will give me time to scope out the merchandise and artists. Though I have a pretty good idea who I will be hitting, it will be nice to see everything.

Here is my 'Short List' of things I will and/or want to do:
  • Meet the Voice Actors/Actresses and have them sign my DVD/Blu-ray covers. I don't have a lot and broke them down by series and who did the voice acting.
  • Have various artists sketch in my books. I have 2 sketch books to maximize getting as much artwork as I can.
  • Meeting and photographing cosplayers. I also hope to do some interviews.
  • BUY STUFF - and lots of it! My son is looking for a RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex model kit for starters.
  • Do daily con posts either on a computer or from my phone.
  • Somewhere in all this, don't go broke, relax and have a good time. Note that sleep isn't something I plan on doing much of.
I am hoping that all the staff, guests, vendors and panelists make it in okay. Be safe out there and just take your time. We have all weekend to get together and enjoy the time at KATSUCON XX!

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