Thursday, February 27, 2014

Katsucon 20 Cosplay - DAMN those are HUGE . . . !!!

. . . WEAPONS!!!     What were you thinking?

ugh! - still fighting this damn cold and am sorry that I haven't been posting like I wanted :_(

Part of cosplaying is the accessories and additional items that you use. Some can be simple as a necklace, while others can be swords or staffs. I have to admit that I am not certain how some of these people made it through security. The cosplay was awesome, but some of the weapons and accessories they had took it over the top.

Sometimes it wasn't just the weapons, but the cosplay itself that was outstanding. A HUGE round of applause to everyone as they really helped to make the event that much more - well - WOW (O_O).  I decided to collect the ones that stood out to me on this post specifically. Their accessories or weapons really made them a crowd pleaser.

Lets get to the cosplayers that I was able to capture before the end of the convention. If I missed you, I apologize and hopefully I will catch you at the next con!
*** If you notice yourself here from Katsucon 20, drop me a line. I want to make sure you are credited. You can comment or send an email to bluedrakon at gmail dot com! ***


  1. I just love seeing those cosplay with huge weapons and puff up amour. Cool!

    1. I was dumbfounded by the size and detail of these. It really takes someone a good amount of time to do these.


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