Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Build: Mega Bloks Halo - Covenant Seraph

I am so glad to be almost over this freaking Convention Cold I got. It took me out earlier this week and have been slowly getting rid of it.

We were going to do some Gundam builds, but ended up doing this.We went out to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. They had some toys on the clearance carts. My son first found a B-Daman Snake set which was less than $6.00. He wanted to get that and seemed content. Being taller, I took a look at this higher shelf and saw something for Halo from Mega Blocks (a Convent Seraph).

Now he knows these monster machines are expensive and this one is usually $64.97. However, I saw the tag was $25.00 and when I asked him if he wanted this instead, he immediately dropped the B-Daman. I almost laughed as it was a no-brainer for him. I don't get him things this expensive on our weekends, but Katsucon left me a bit empty handed for him and this made up for it. He never took his eyes off the package and was ecstatic to finally have one of the larger ones.
After we got home and got settled, he cracked this open. He had his plan on how to attack building this. He told me to place all the same color blocks together. So we worked on opening all the packages and doing this. It came with 3 figures which he was happy about since one was a Golden General. You could actually change the head and arms to be one of 2 types of generals.
We built this together by taking turns at certain points. The instruction booklet was as big as the damn ship which kind of surprised me. What was cool was that you culd open the cockpit and place a pilot into the unit. I think this was a great idea and something to make this more of an interactive unit. The stand design was also cool as it was setup for you to be able to easily remove the Convent Seraph from it.

One issue that seems to be similar with Mega Bloks is then snapping together. What I did to save our hands was take a paper plate and use that on top of the pieces. It worked and saved us having dimpled palms. This took all of the afternoon but we had fun. He asked me to finish it up with the stickers. I didn't take any pre-built photos, but here is the finished unit.

That's how we spent part of our weekend together. I actually cleared off a shelf in the room for him to put this up. He is going to bring more Halo figures for our next weekend together. Maybe we will have some shots of that to add.

Have you done any fun stuff with family or friends this past weekend?


  1. When I was a kid, I'm its always happy whenever my dad bought me toys... This is great piece and the size is deluxe class for the price... Mega Bloks has good quality and those additional figures make the set more fun.

    1. We had fun putting it together and looking for the right pieces. Hopefully in the weekends to come we will have some Gundam to show off.


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