Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who does Cosplay?

This is actually a rhetorical question as it should be "Who doesn't do Cosplay?'.

Like I noted in another post, every genre of cosplay was present. Do you have a favorite anime, cartoon or game character you like? I can guarantee, they were here. I was even able to find an awesome Halo cosplayer that my son would have loved to see. He would have enjoyed being here as he would have run around trying to talk to everyone he knows the character of. Seeing people dressed up simply to the most detailed didn't matter. Just coming and cosplaying brought them together. This is part of the magic of what is called cosplay/crossplay.

Here is the other part of the magic of cosplay/crossplay - this is a culture of people who are so diverse that it can't be defined. Your nationality, religion, age, gender or disability wasn't even considered as EVERYONE was welcomed to the festivities. I have seen this online, but never in person. It was a wondrous experience to me that people can coexist without conflict. My only wish is that the world take notice of this phenomenon.

I talked to a couple that were cosplaying Superman and Wonder Woman. He had also taken his daughter to the conventions for several years. This was the first time that they decided to cosplay as well with her. I was very impressed with their first cosplay and to be a family event was even more special. This is what I saw over and over again. Mother with her son, parents with their young kids, disabled people and the older generation. Everyone was cosplaying and having a great time no matter who you were.


Lets take a look at some of the cosplayers that accentuated all this.
(Gothic/Clown - Tesazombie)
I hope this wasn't a too heavy post, but this was something that struck me the whole weekend. Cosplay/crossplayers are a wonderful group of people and I can't wait to get back next year.

I want to thank everyone who let me take their photo!

*** If you notice yourself here from Katsucon 20, drop me a line. I want to make sure you are credited. You can comment or send an email to bluedrakon at gmail dot com! ***

Side Note: I did catch the 'Con Cold', so I am sick and may not be posting a whole lot for a bit.


  1. I like the Dragonball Z cosplay. First time I see someone cosplay this character and it suited him...

    1. Everyone was friendly and patient while I took their photos. I was a bit intimidated as I was waiting for him to squash me.


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