Saturday, September 13, 2014


The Lion Forge Panel and Our Queen Yaya “After Glow”, she “Leaves One With”, I was hungry. I suffer from depression and at those times, I don’t eat. The Dragon with in me called for the last half of that “SubWay-Sandwich”. Sweet Timing and Location! Its 12:30 and right next door will be the 3:00 Panel: “30 Years of Usagi Yojinbo”. With my Comic Con Family, Stan Sakai! This Veteran of many Cons “Knows and Works the System Well”! I walked over to the Yellow Shirt standing guard.

I intro myself, and LUCK was with me. From many Cons she knew me by Cosplay Costume and “MAKE-U-LAUGH”! Made quick small talk, reserved my disabled seat, told her I would be just outside taking Lunch and Pictures, at the Panel line entrance? “Cool and Sweet”! About 2.5 hours at the bayside of the Convention Center in Diego’s cooling breezes off the bay? The only time of Crowds is when some Panel Room line moves up and in to a near room? LOVE IT! Your Web-Report was “Hard-At-Work-?” Getting YOU, our Dear Readers, some of BEST COSPLAY SHOTS, of 2014’s Comic Con! (you sat DEAD ON YOUR ASS DC)

Got a wave from the sweet Yellow shirt Lady and got in E-Z with a quick Head Call besides. SWEET! As small talk was passed around I heard the BAD NEWS! As I told Stan before at this Con, I feared “Something”, had Bad Happened. His with has “inoperable” Brain Cancer! Lunch churned in my GUT, As Stan entered the room I caught him just for a moment to tell him to GIVE LADY SAKAI, (As I always called her) MY LOVE, AND THAT TURTLE! “I will and Our Family Thanks You DC” he said with a Comic Con Family hug. Damn My Samurai Warrior Armor held! How I don’t know. Wonderful Panel and a perfect example of “Why I Go To Comic Con”!

Once again you receive first viewing of such gems as this one! Please to “Kick Back” and join me in viewing, Roel Robles: “The Last Request.”

The rest of the panel was spent on such subjects as Dark Horse Editor Diana and the up coming Senso miniseries, and, “The Sakai Project”. Most interesting what our friends at Dark Horse have in store this year. The rest of the panel was playing catch up with Stan’s wife Battle with her Brain Cancer. With a Last wave to him our panel ended. I was with a heavy heart. This year’s Con has been ONE BIG EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER for me. You see I am a “Secular Buddhist”. I live by The Philosophy of the “Enlighten One”, and one day if I ever pass a “Buddhist Temple”, I would remove my boots and center myself, in the “Yin, and the Yang” of life. This Con was a rough one.

Please ENJOY these pictures of the rest of the Day-3’s Con. Stand By For DAY-4! “Family Day”!!!


DC Rushton: Web-Report for “2 Old 4 Anime!

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  1. The gal with the deathscythe looks ready to decapitate the taoist. Lol.. Sub-zero and Scorpion in Mexicano, that's funny! Cool stuff!


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