Monday, September 15, 2014

Raken Report: Hamallah Cheick the Artist

Below you will see some awesome artwork of a friend of my son's at his middle school. I will let him introduce him to everyone.

This is artwork by my friend, Hamallah Cheick. I like the guy from Bleach the most. He spent a lot of time on the details of all the pieces. The coloring is down by Shnia and they make a great team. I feel that if he continues he will be a great artist and make his dream a reality - Anime Artist.



  1. Nice work Chiek & Shnia ^_^
    Most importantly, enjoy the process!

    1. My son seems to be a distributor for him now. He keeps showing me more and asked if I want to buy them :^)

  2. To Hamallah Cheick,
    From DC The Priest of Tao + MENTOR!
    SHARP GUY! I give thee some "Free Mentoring" I shall tell thee as our Cosplay Queen,
    Lady Yaya Han said on to me:

  3. Thank u very much


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