Friday, September 22, 2017

DC's Anime Movie Review: YOUR NAME



BY DC Rushton

My Dear Readers. By the luck of the Buddha I met this fellow named Kenney. Come to find out he to was into anime. He thought I might like this movie, had it on zip stick, and thought I would enjoy it. That..... was a understatement to say the lease! This no Japanese “Freaky Friday”.

A comet is about to pass the Earth so close it can be seen by everyone in the night sky with the naked eye. There are two high school students. Taki is a boy, from the city. Mitsuha is a girl, from the country. They intermittently begin to switch body's back and forth. They communicate with each other by leaving messages to each other smart phones and note books.

As the story grew, so did my interest in how, and when, they will ever meet. I will not say any more on this, “KEEP YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT” movie. But I tell you this My Readers.... “I CRIED!”

So I give, “YOUR NAME”, a 9 out of 10, tell you when you can go out and buy it. It is your money well spent.

DC Rushton


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