Sunday, September 10, 2017


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Once again my dear reader I was darnn into the world of our little Naruto. But it seem our Naruto is not so little any more. And so the boy has grown into a young man now.

Narto and the Allied Shinobi Klans have manage to extract “Obito's” Tailed beasts, this leaving “Madara” as the final foe to be defeated. This is in noway a easy task. Obito realizes the error in his ways, but “Black Zetus”, prevents him from interfering. “Nine Tails”, is extracted fron Naruto, and he and “Sasuke”, are left in near death from this. In the middle of all of this, the turbulent history of the “Hyuga”, clan and events that took place are revealed that took place there, in the “Leaf Village”, while a young Naruto trained there with “Jiraya”.

So if you can't get enough of, or, love back history of Naruto, this DVD is made for you.

DC Rushton

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