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Owner and operator of this blog. Here is the infamous page about me - not really interesting, but you are reading this, so I need to say something. Yes, that is a picture of me with a Lorikeet on my shoulder.
My love of Anime began with Speed Racer when I was a kid watching it on the UHF channel 45 (I think that was the channel number) in Baltimore, MD. This was way before cable and remotes and you had to actually get off your arse to turn the dial to the station you wanted.

After that, It was Robotech that REALLY drew me into the fray and I so much wanted to be Rick Hunter so I could fly in my own transforming plane. Then after that it was Voltron and those cool Combining Lions.

I collected Comic Books and Transformers in those days like mad. I actually still have the original Jetfire Transformer with the Bandai name on it! I have collected and sold my comics about 3 times now. Not too involved with the comics scene, but still get some here and there and love the conventions. My first big convention was in 1998 at the Philadelphia Comic Con held by Wizard (I believe) in those days.

I think it was not until Neon Genesis Evangelion, that I really started to become a fan of Anime. I think I had like 80 VHS tapes at one time (before we had an apartment fire and lost everything) of Anime. After the fire, I started to get them on DVD as it was the "new media" of the time.

I have been crazy in love with Japan and anything related to it now. I eat Ramen like it is going out of style (mostly because I can make it cheaply). Pocky is one of our great snacks when watching Anime. I read Manga and have about 11 series that I am reading now. I have 10 Anime series I am also watching (mostly on the internet as they have not been released here in the US).

I am a BIG - HUGE fan of Masamune Shirow and anything he does. That means anything from Ghost in the Shell, Intron Depot artbooks, Illustration and Galgrease cards. He is one of the other main reason I got so into this stuff.

Outside all this, I also collect original artwork and have about 1300+ pieces right now. Some of which I have hanging up around my apartment. It is a lovely mix of everything from Comic Books, Fantasy, Gothic, Pinup and Fairies. I love the female form and the artwork I collect shows that off spectacularly. I am always looking for more to add to it, so drop me a line if you are an artist.

I am also am an Amateur Nature Photographer. Nature is easier to take pictures of as you do not have to get a signed release or deal with egos. It is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors and brnig a little bit of it back with me.

One of my shots

I also have a son who loves Pocky, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and everything Japanese too. I started him on watching anime at the age of 5 and he has continued to love it ever since. We read and share Manga and look forward to the next installments of a series. He is currently living with his mom, but every other weekend we get to hang out and have fun!

I can be reached at bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com if you want to send me a note or want to be added to my blog list. NO FREAKING SPAM however.

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We now have a wonder Co-Writer on the blog. He does an excellent series every Saturday called 'Read the Posted Signs'.

I am a “Native Born Son” of San Diego, Calif. Veteran of the Viet Nan War and served as a Crew Chief on B-52-D Bombers, and KC-135 Tankers, SAC, in the Air Force. I retired out with a 50% Disability. Science Fiction and Fantasy was my main reading. Mechanics and the Hard Science, of Science Fiction, melded into one often for me. Did a year up at Burbank Calif., at the aircraft manufacture plant Lockheed in the “ADVANCE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS”. (loved it and CAN’T talk about it) from there did 20 years at North Island Rework Facility on all most all Navy Fix Wing Aircraft. Retired out of there and went into my 8 years of battle with the VA for my 100% Disability. ALL BY MYSELF, won it in 2007. Now I am free to do what a writer MUST DO! CREATE!

As a child my first Japanese Anime was, (in black and white) Giantor, Astro Boy, Kimba The White Lion, and Speed Racer. Then NOTHING! Near the end of my time at North Island, ROBOTECH hit America. THIS WAS THE BEGINNING of my LOVE AFFAIR with ANIME! What’s the difference between the Navy’s F-14 Tom Cat, and a Robotech Valkyrie? NOT MUCH PEOPLE!

After Robotech, North Island, and my divorce. My “Second Awaking” of (don’t laugh men) “Falling in Love Again”, hit me. And so did “Tenchi Muyo”! The two blended perfectly then. Had the what I call: “The Tenchi Syndrome”. Me in the middle of TWO WOMEN! Linda the ex-wife, the “PRUDE PRINCESS AYEKA” on one side, pulling me one way, BACK… And then, Marie, the “ALLURING SPACE PIRATE RYOKO”, pulling me to her. And as the theme song says guys, “You’re a TROUBLED MAN OH YEA!”

Oddly enough, the first thing that would draw my attention to any anime, was the “MUSIC”! Then the anime characters, plot, and art work. As with our Web-Master Dan, “THE MAJOR” came into my anime life. Shirow Masamune’s, “Ghost in the Shell”. And may I add, TAUGHT me more about “Advance Computer Tech”, such as, Hackers, and the DARK SIDE of “THE NET”. I highly recommend this Book on “GITS”. His foot notes will keep you turning pages back and forth!

My LOVE AFAIR with “COSPLAY”, hit in 2007’s San Diego Comic Con. That is when I created my “ALTER-EGO”. “The Priest of Tao”, and it has been my “TRADE MARK”, if you will, each and every year. For more info on the Cosplay, Comic Cons, please read my “Interview”, and my posting here.
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