Kipi as Yoko
Since these get the most attention on my blog, lets get them their own page. Save the time searching my Blog as here they are all here - I think.

To make it more interesting, I have broken them down into a couple groups. Now I know that some of these will cross over into one another as the industry likes to mass merchandise. For the most part, they will be in the appropriate group. If it was more like one than the other, I will have it in that list.

I will list the Anime / Game title and then the character(s) that are showcased. This way if I post more than one character in a series, it will be easy to find.

If you are a Cosplayer and want a special post showcasing you and your characters, let me know (via email).




All images used in this blog are copyrighted (©) by their respective cosplayer or photographer and any infringement was not intended. If anyone upset by me posting their images on my blog, please contact me and I will remove them.
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