Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rosario + Vampire - Episode 7

The Snow Woman + A Vampire

Well the Newspaper Club did a great job with the articles and handed out all the newspapers. Now enter mysterious Girl number 4 that seems to have a crush on Tsukune as well. Of course the other girls get jealous and surround Tsukune to claim him. Next day in class, the teacher notices that Shirakuri is absent again. But wait, who walks in but that quiet purple haired girl from yesterday. The Teacher is quite shocked and introduces her to the class once again as Mizore Shirakuri. She has not been coming to class for one reason or another and asks the class to get to know her.

After class the Club gets together to plan the party they want to have for such a successfull 1st edition. Mizore peaks around the corner to talk with Tsukune while Moka and Kurumu leave to get the food. They start talking and Mizore pulls out a scrap book that she has been saving of his writings. She tells him that they are the same as the writing seem from a weaker person view. So she gets close to him as they MUST have similar feelings of lonliness.

Ms. Nekonome is in the teachers room working when a couple other teachers show up. They both give her advise to keep an eye out for Mizore as she is trouble. While this is happening, Mizore takes Tsukune to a lake to be alone. We see Moka is back at the club room waiting on Tsukune. Little do they know that he is actually being held by Mizore.

Things go from bad to worse as "Mizore" goes to the club room and tries to kill Moka. With her out of the way, she can have Tsukune to herself. While this is going on, Mizore reviews her true self as a Snow Woman and freezes Tsukune in his place. Luckily, right at the moment needed, in flies Kurumu with Mora to save him. It seems that Kurumu came in to save Moka at the right time. When a fight seems like it will start, Tsukune jumps in to stop it. However he hurts Mizore's feelings and she disappears.

They go back and try to warm up after being almost frozen. A teacher ends up in the Infirmary with full body injuries and blames Mizore. The gang goes out to look for her as she will be expelled because of the incident. They can not believe that she did it. As Tsukune runs to find her, Gin walks in with some interesting pictures he took.

Tsukune finds her and tries to get her to come back and apologize. It seems that she is more upset that no one understands her. The rest of the gang rush in to show him the pictures Gin took of what really happened (the teacher attacked her and she was defending herself). But it is too late and she goes berserk and creates ice doubles of herself.

So now a fight will ensure, but before that happens, Mizore slips and falls off the edge of the cliff. Tsukune reaches out to save her. The ice doubles (must be 6 or so) have the girls surrounded and approach on Tsukune. He talks to Mizore and finishes explaining that he wanted them to be friends and that she will not be alone anymore. Even though she feels better that she has found friends, she can not stop the ice doubles. Moka runs to Tsukune to save him from the ice doubles and he takes off her cross. So now we get to see Moka's true form again. In a flash of over whelming power, Moka destroys the all the ice doubles. She then kicks Mizore's arse because she caused all these issues.
Fight over in 86 seconds
Everybody regroups and try to warm up after the fight. As it turns out Gin took more pics of the girls in the locker room - not good as they start to beat him up.

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