Friday, October 08, 2010

Field Trip for Yoko and Kamina

As the title suggests, these figures may be going on a field trip.

Saw a Tweet the other day from DancingQueen_DQ: "Need some help, do you own the Kamina and Yoko from this or this set please contact me if you do"

I shot back a reply noting that I had the 2 figures from chapter 1. DQ gave the interested party my info and we have been talking via email. I will not go into details, but it is for a very cool event. Here is the cute couple awaiting their call!

Not sure Kamina is happy about it, but Yoko seems excited (I think?).


  1. can't wait to learn more about the details!

  2. @kluxorious ~ lets just say, the will be the top of the party

  3. Oh man I remember when the pre-orders went up for all those sets, I really wanted them but was worried about the price when so many were announced at once. They look great.

  4. Interesting, a field trip might be good for them ^^ I want to take some of my figures on a nice long field trip one of these days.

  5. @lovelyduckie ~ they do look very nice together

    @Persocom ~ I hope the come back safe

  6. haha! I never knew that figures have also field trip :)

  7. I wonder where they'll be going.


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