Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sankaku Complex - something seems different

Been a bit offline recently so not too much blogging on my part - sorry :(

I am not sure, but I feel that Sankaku Complex seems to have taken steps in the wrong direction.

I know you are thinking - WTF is wrong with me and why complain about the best site to get sexy anime girl pics from.

Well, I mean their content seems to be different and not as much posting of late. They do have some interesting things, but sometimes seems to repeat the same stuff a few days later. It just does not seem to be the same site as before. I actually use it on occasion as a resource of sorts for my blogging. It now seems to be overrun with ads every step of the way. Maybe I just never noticed it before. It is still one of the best sites to get pics for you blogs and to keep you "other hand" busy.

I have however found similar sites that offer the same pics as well. One in particular is called 3dbooru. When I needed pics for my recent Cosplay post about I-No from Guilty Gear, I found eerie similarities on both sites:


Sankaku Complex

What are your thoughts on this and do you actually check out either of these?


  1. Sankaku Complex is not a site I frequent, so I can't comment too much on the changes. On first glance, it looks the same to me though but I don't visit it daily.

    3dbooru is a nice site. I'll have to keep that in mind. ^ ^

  2. I have noticed the difference. I thought I was going crazy. I wanted to blog about it but I've been out of the game for awhile.

    Glad to know Im not the only one.

  3. @Yi ~ glad I could help out with a new site :)

    @Seantaku ~ glad to know I was not going crazy and others are seeing the same thing. We do miss your posts, hope to see you back in action soon :)

  4. most of sankaku's cosplay images -esp. those which comes in set- are directly imported from 3dbooru, and you may notice this as they are often uploaded on the latter before someone in SC notices and re-uploaded them there a bit later. the same may also be applied to their fanarts / nude filters etc which were otherwise imported from either 2ch, 4chan, danbooru or gelbooru :3

    i never was a fixed-regular of SC, since i am mildly disgusted by its community members [ particularly the comments ]. also, SC is a tabloid blog, so definitely is not the best source available for me as artefact can [ well, who knows ] easily overblow some of his articles up for sensationalism. also, with sensationalism comes heavy amount of traffic, thus the increased amount of ads [ read : profit ] xD

  5. Maybe it's like flashback scenes you see on anime. Lol...
    Sankaku Complex is one of frequent visit blog too! Hee! Hee!

  6. @rayneholde ~ thanks of the info on the other sites that I need to check out.

    I agree, there are a bunch of baka's on that site and usually do not read the comments because of it. I guess they need to pay the bills. I have some ads on my blog, but nothing to that extent - sheesh!

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I usually check it out when I can to see if anything of interest. It has been waning recently though

  7. 3dbooru is nice, I do check it out from time to time. Sankaku I pretty much dropped though very rarely I'll check out something there. The community there turns me off of the culture, drives me away and makes me ashamed to even consider myself a part of them at times. SC is basically like The Enquirer, only anime style.

  8. @ Persocom ~ never thought about it, but I have to agree with the reference to "The Enquirer"


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