Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Review: Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector

Lets take a look another Fall release in Japan: Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector.

I watched the First 3 OVA's of Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: Divine Wars and really enjoyed it. You don't have to, but I recommend checking it out before watching this one. It does give you a detailed background on the story.

Here are some shots of the Original Show Designs:

If you have a love for things Mecha this would be a great series to watch. But they do add in a "few" hot babes and that makes it an AWESOME series to watch. Guess you can figure how my grading will be on this.

Instead of trying to reword everything, here is the plot description from GoGoAnime.

"Six months after the conclusion of the L5 Campaign and the DC War, the crews of the PT carriers, Hagane and Hiryuu Custom have gone their separate ways. They are not far apart for long, however, as the remnants of the DC soon begin to push against the Federation Forces with newly acquired resources. A mysterious organization, the Shadow Mirror, has begun to arm them with weapons and robots that should not exist. Compounding matters, inter-dimensional entities known as Einsts begin to appear around the World and seem to share a psychic connection with ATX pilots, Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning. Even worse, aliens calling themselves, The Inspectors, have arrived from outer space with plans to retake the White Star and finish the job the Aerogators could not. As this new, four sided war begins, Lamia Loveless, a Shadow Mirror operative sent to spy on the Federation Forces must choose between her orders and her new found friends among the Hagane and Hiryuu crews."

I have to say this show keeps you on the edge of your seat. The action moves along at a good pace, then BAM, you get super action. There are some dialogue at times, but not too long to make you want to turn it off. Each of the Robots are uniquely designed and have specialized weapons to match. This way no two are similar in look or powers, unless they are standard edition robots. Did I also mention that they COMBINE - yea baby Combining Robots. Not that you see that in this first episode, but just you wait.

At the start, you do get a brief introduction to what happened in the last series. This assists with bringing you up to speed as well as a reference point to what is going to happen. It is a great way for those that are just jumping on to the series.

There are some boring parts of Brian Midcrid at a big conference talking - blah blah blah. Brian does go on and on and on verbally describing what has already happened in the first series.

But of course, during this big speech, there is a great battle scene - yeah!

With the battle escalating we have the Super Robots showing up to help the forces battle. They really show up the poor Military Troops who are in no way a match for them. In the battle, the "bad guys" send in their own Super Robots to fight. What I found really a treat, was the Flying Fortress or was it the Big Breasted Robot?

As not to disappoint the legion of fanboys, there are some great scenes of bouncng boobies. Nothing like Gravion mind you, but still very nice. Wait for the closing credits to see the babes at the beach - YUM!

Honestly, if you like Robots and Babes, this is the Anime to be setting your clocks to this Fall. Just look above at all the great screen shots to know you want to watch it.

Overall Rating: A


  1. A series worthy of my watch and collection.

    To really appreciate and know in-depth of what's going on, better play the PS2 SRW OGs game, or... play the GBA SRW OG1 and OG2 (both are available in English).

    At the end of ep 1, the Angelg (the big breasted mecha, Ryusei approved) appeared from same dimension as Axel and became allies.

  2. Super Robot Wars is pretty dramatic I guess and should be easily accepted by fans of Gundam too with mecha & anime gals. Lol...

  3. I didn't care for the first Sakura Wars anime too much, but I liked the character design of a few of the characters. This one will probably be a pass for me :)

  4. @bd77 ~ Thanks for the info on the female Mecha

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I love the show and will enjoy it for both as noted ;)

    @lovelyduckie ~ "Sakura Wars"? you on the right blog :3 still love having you visit :)


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