Wednesday, January 04, 2012



Back a few years ago, at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, I SCORED this figure. LOVE the “Little Guy” at his small booth in the crowded “Dealer’s Room”. Oh… BACK-IN-THE-DAY! (that was when guys like him could afford it!) The man all most “Carny”, (before your time) or “Carnival Barker” chanted: “3 for 10 in front, 10 to 15 on the wall!”. Out of the “Front Bins” of “3 for 10 Dollars”, I had found 2 Plush Inuyasha toys. (too long ago to remember) There in his hand, he had pull out of a raddy box “Store Worn/Beat-Up” Figures. Saw the state it was in a flash, and what/who it was. I held up my Staff with a Ten Dollar Bill wedge in it‘s Ying/Yang symbol to him.

“Yo my man! I’ve 2 for my ten, all Inuyasha. One for me Ex, one for the kid. How’s about that old boxed Kagura. All ways had a thing for her and her “SPIDER TAD”, and HOT RED EYES!” Fellow MEN around chuckled. Elbows from their LADIES were applied. This man was a true “Little Guy” that would ‘Wheel and Deal”. Looking it over he laughed. “And we ALL KNOW ABOUT WOMEN WITH TADS. Never forget your self guy. DONE!” He took the ten, and hung her on my staff! After a year of hanging on the wall in her “Beat-Up” box, I broke her out. This is what I did with her and part of the display box.

Love what one can do with a Cigar Box. Bottom and one side became her stage. Covered with scrap red “Broad Cloth”. ( House Colors of my apt. is red + black) From her box I cut her face and name. Scrap balsa wood pads were attached to each end of her stage for stability, and her “Foot Screw” space below. A flat head screw 1/16 is drilled through stage, and her foot.


Your “Goddess of the WIND”, is ready for display, and BLOW AWAY ALL who dare across her path, or FAIL to “SATE”, her appetites! I hope you enjoyed this posting and I VOW I’ve got MORE!



  1. Awesome figure and nice set up of the pics. Kagura is pretty mean in the story but it's a pity to see her die towards the end.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it was a good show and it is sad to see the characters die even if a handful


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