Friday, May 29, 2009

Presents from Japan - YEAH!

Well I got my last shipment from Hobby Link Japan from that HUGE Sale they are having. I really want to get more - waaaaaa. We only have one income currently, so need to lock the wallet shut for now. On yeah, forgot they are are also having a 1st Year Anniversary Sale with the one mentioned above - dammit! So much on sale and no funds to snag them - curse you evil recession.

Whats in the box dude?
Not a whole lot in the box, but some of these I have wanted for a while. I decide to pickup the following to satisfy my lust for figures for now:
  • Pinky #01: Nazuna
  • Pinky #02: Mayura
  • Queen's Blade Reina 2P Color Version
  • Clamp in 3D Land, Version 5 - 1 Box of 10
The total with shipping EMS to me was $105 USD. I am hoping to sell the duplicated figures from the Clamp in 3D Land for $20 to bring the cost down. I will have a write up for Reina like I did for Echidna this weekend.

This is what was in the box!

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